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How to Hand Roll a Cigar With The Nuggy

There are many ways to smoke, that's for sure.  But when it comes down to it, nothing beats passing a Dutch around the circle with your closest friends. And if you're the one rolling the blunt, you better know what you're doing! No worries.  Whether your a professional roller, or just a novice starting out, The Nuggy will help you roll the perfect cigar. How to roll a Dutch with The Nuggy, in 7 steps: Step 1: Moisten and remove the leaf.  Try not to rip it.  Set it aside for now. Step 2:  Remover the extra paper. Step 3: Slice the cigar using The Nuggy Knife. Step 4: Grind up the product using The Nuggy Scissor. Step 5:  Roll...

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The Top 10 Ways to Use The Nuggy

The Nuggy is the ultimate smoking accessory.  With 10 individual tools, it has everything you need to elevate your smoking experience! Here's a list of the top 10 ways to use The Nuggy: 1. The Scraper:    Keep your bowl clean after each use with this sharp arrowhead tool.  It's perfect for scraping residue from any bowl in one swift movement.   2. The Tamper:   This cylinder with a flat end - known as a tamper - is used to pack-in product at the end of your cigar or cigarette, making it tight and even every time you roll one.  3. The Roach Clip:   This device is used for holding a blunt or joint when it gets too...

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