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The Top 10 Ways to Use The Nuggy

The Top 10 Ways to Use The Nuggy
The Nuggy is the ultimate smoking accessory.  With 10 individual tools, it has everything you need to elevate your smoking experience! Here's a list of the top 10 ways to use The Nuggy:

1. The Scraper: 

 The Nuggy Scraper
Keep your bowl clean after each use with this sharp arrowhead tool.  It's perfect for scraping residue from any bowl in one swift movement.

2. The Tamper:  

The Nuggy Packer
This cylinder with a flat end - known as a tamper - is used to pack-in product at the end of your cigar or cigarette, making it tight and even every time you roll one. 

3. The Roach Clip:  

Nuggy Clip
This device is used for holding a blunt or joint when it gets too small to hold with your fingers - and The Nuggy's Roach Clip is easier to pass around than other clips.

4. The Pick:  

This metal toothpick is used for cleaning sticky clogs out of a bowl or pipe. It also makes for a nice dab tool.

5. The Mini-Spoon:  

The Nuggy Mini Spoon
This mini spatula / spoon hybrid is perfect for transferring product from a jar to your smoking device of choice - whether it be a blunt, joint, glass bowl, or vaporizer.

6. The Flathead Screwdriver:  

The Nuggy Flathead Screwdriver
Screw stuff with this Flat Head Screwdriver, which can come in handy for just about anything.

7. The Bottle Opener:  

The Nuggy Bottle Opener
Thirsty?  Got dry-mouth? Pop open a cold drink with this bonus tool.

8. The LED Light:  

The Nuggy LED Flashlight
See what your doing when smoking outside at night, or while in the dark watching a movie on the couch.  Even when scraping out a bowl, the flashlight is placed in the exact position you need it in.

9. The Scissor: 

The Nuggy Scissor
Grind up flower when on the go with these custom designed scissor blades.

10. The Knife:   

The Nuggy Knife
This sharp blade is designed to split cigars, and to cut open tightly sealed packages of any kind.
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