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Nuggy User Guide (FAQ)

The Nuggy is not a toy. It's a tool for adults, and like other tools, your Nuggy can be dangerous if used improperly. This is why we designed the Nuggy with safety in mind.

The Nuggy is equipped with a  spring-locking mechanism that snaps each tool securely in place.

Once in place, whether opened or closed, the tools will stay put. If you shake your Nuggy the tools won't budge. 

This comes in handy both when using the tools, and when making sure they don't open in your pocket.

But getting the tools out of their secure position requires proper technique.    

Section 1: Opening The Tools

If you are having difficulty getting the tools open with the lever, especially the ones located in the middle, then try this:  

Stick the fingernail of your thumb in the gap between the tools and start sliding it up towards the lever. When your thumbnail reaches the lever, press your thumb into the tool and let your fingernail come slightly over the top for a good grip; Then pull open. 

The clip doesn't have a lever like the other tools, but it's simple to use and it locks securely into two different positions.

Section 2: Closing the Scissor

Do not try to close the scissor and the tools next to it at the same time. This may lead to injury.

Watch the video below to learn the proper technique for closing the scissor.

In the video, notice how pressure is applied to the back of the scissor blade to squeeze in the handle. Then the key is to guide the scissor all the way into a secure position.  

Section 3: Cleaning the Nuggy

The easiest way is to use a lighter and paper towel, tissue or cloth. See the video below.

Section 4: Replacing the Batteries

On the side of The Nuggy with the light switch, apply pressure with your thumb to the top middle of the battery compartment, just below the horizontal line. While applying pressure with you thumb, use your other hand to grab the battery cover by the sides and pull it down. The battery case should pop off.

Next use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw. Be careful not to strip the screw.  

Make sure the batteries are placed in the correct positions and then reassemble all parts.  

Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are all the tools used for?

A: Check out this article for more information.

Q: Why no lighter?

A: People ask us all the time why the Nuggy doesn't have a lighter. And although we did consider it, there's actually a lot of reasons why we left it out. Here's a few of them.

  1. If lighter fluid was to leak it could potentially be dangerous considering the close proximity of the tools to flames and other extreme heat sources.
  2. Adding a lighter would make the Nuggy less comfortable in your hand and bulkier in your pocket.
  3. Unless it's a torch, lighters are typically disposable. We lose them all the time.  The Nuggy is in a different category. It will last a lifetime. 

With that said, we are still working on some creative solutions for future versions, so stay tuned!

Q: Why no grinder?

A: We put a lot of thought into this, but the answer is actually very simple. Here it is; We only make high quality products.  

Think about it..

A multi-tool should fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Not too big and not too heavy, right?

On the other hand, a grinder should not fit in your hand. In fact, the best grinders are actually pretty big and heavy.      

When grinding your product, we think you should use a high quality grinder, not something miniature that fits inside a hand held multi-tool.

Q: How much does the Nuggy weigh?

A: The original Nuggy weighs about 1/2 Pound, and the other models are all lighter than that!

Q:  How is the Nuggy made?

A: ​The stainless steel tools go through an annealing process to become stronger. The polycarbonate case is sealed through an ultrasonic welding process.  The Alox shell has tiny raised bumps for texture and is fully heat-resistant.  Lastly, each of our tools has been designed from the ground up with smoking in mind.

Q:  Is the Nuggy safe?

A:  ​Yes! All of the tools lock in place when opened and closed. Each tool is equipped with an easy to use lever, so you never have to worry about cutting your fingers.

Q:  Can I bring the Nuggy on a plane?

A:  ​Yes, but only in your checked bag, assuming the tools are clean of any residue.  Do not attempt to carry the Nuggy on a plane, as TSA will not allow this because of the pointed Knife and Pick tools.

Q:  What colors does the Nuggy come in?

A:  The Nuggy OG  and Nuggy Lite are available in green and black.  The Nuggy Hybrid is available in green, blue, and pink.  The Nuggy Lift is available in green, black, blue, and pink.

Q:  Where can I buy the Nuggy? 

A:  The Nuggy is for sale at, Amazon US & Canada, and at many great outdoor tool and smoke shops across the US & Canada (we are expanding to new countries all the time).

Q: How long will the batteries last in my Nuggy?

A: The batteries will pump out 8 hours of continuous light.

Q:  Where can I find replacement batteries for my Nuggy?

A: You can find them at any local hardware store or on Amazon.

Q:  Can I use the bottle opener for anything else other than bottles?

A:  Applying more pressure than the bottle opener is designed to handle will cause the internal spring to break. The tool will still work, it just wont lock into position as well and might seem loose, so be careful. Opening a bottle is no problem, just don't be silly and try to use it as a can opener or something like that. 

Q:  Can I return my Nuggy?

A:  Due to the nature of the product, and how it is used, we are not able to accept any returns. Therefore, all sales are final.  If your product is defective, please email us at  We have a 30 day return policy, as long as the tool is not used. Please do not put a used Nuggy in the mail.