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the smokers multi-tool

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Unboxing The Nuggy

Unboxing The Nuggy


Customer, Amie Damonte
I love it! Quality made and all the tools a connoisseur needs. Great gift idea!

– Customer, Amie Damonte

Instagram Fan @beardinthewild
I use mine daily. It takes a few uses for it to open easily, but that just means you have springs that'll last longer. Honestly one of my favorite smoking gadgets.

– Instagram Fan @beardinthewild

Customer, Shan Butt
I don't leave home without it! ... I think I've used every feature on it so far. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to make life easier. Oh and that LED flashlight on it is CLUTCH!

– Customer, Shan Butt

Julia Wright, Writer @ Civilized.Life
There's something eminently satisfying about gadgets that consolidate 10 different functions into a single, elegant tool. ... Multi-tools don't get much better than the Nuggy.

– Julia Wright, Writer @ Civilized.Life

The Smokers Multi-Tool

The Nuggy - NugTools
The Nuggy - NugTools Nuggy in the box The Nuggy - NugTools The Nuggy - NugTools The Nuggy - NugTools

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The all-in-one gadget for rolling, shredding, dabbing, vaping, scraping and poking. Buy two or more for FREE SHIPPING!

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How to Roll With The Nuggy

How to Roll With The Nuggy

Whether your a professional roller, or just a novice starting out, The Nuggy will help you roll the perfect cigar.

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10 Ways to Use The Nuggy

10 Ways to Use The Nuggy

The Nuggy is the ultimate smoking accessory. With 10 individual tools, it's great for all kinds of sticky situations.

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The Nuggy User Guide

The Nuggy User Guide

When you first receive The Nuggy, the tools may seem slightly difficult to open, and this is for a good reason.

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