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the smoker's multi-tool

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Nuggy, The Smoker's Multi-Tool
Nuggy, The Smoker's Multi-Tool The Nuggy - NugTools Nuggy in the box The Nuggy - NugTools The Nuggy - NugTools

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Features: Spring-locking tools. Stainless steel construction. 8 hours of continuous battery life. Replaceable batteries. Dual position-locking Roach Clip. Glassware-safe Scraper. Gift box. Discreet Shipping/Packaging.


"The construction is excellent, and features all-metal tools protected by a durable green case."


"The Nuggy will revolutionize the way you unwind at the end of the day. Roll, grind, pack, vape, dab, scoop, scrap, and poke, all with a single tool."


"Whether you enjoy your toke from a pipe glass, rolling paper, or a vaporizer, this thing will have the necessary tools to make every preparation step a breeze."


"There's something eminently satisfying about gadgets that consolidate 10 different functions into a single, elegant tool. ... Multi-tools don't get much better than the Nuggy."

– Julia Wright, Writer @ Civilized.Life

10 Tools, One Device