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we design & manufacture innovative smoking accessories

Have you ever smoked from a pipe and tried to get the ash out, only to end up with black stuff all over your palm?

We have.

Have you ever used a pen to pack in the end of a freshly rolled cigarette, hoping it would lead to a cleaner burn?

Over the years, we've wrecked countless smokes this way.

Or maybe you've added some product to a vaporizer, but dropped nearly half of it on the table trying to get it in the little hole?

We've always felt frustrated trying to load and clean our vaporizers.

Whether smoking from glass, paper, or a vaporizer, we were sick of always searching around the house for the right tool.  We needed a well-made, pocket-size device that could do it all.

So - with just an idea, a pot of coffee, the internet, and a MakerBot 3D Printer - we got to work.

It took us more than a year and a half to build, and thanks to our team of close friends, business partners, and freelancers all over the world, we built something better than we ever imagined.  

We built the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for smokers, and it's called the Nuggy.

The Nuggy

The Nuggy houses ten tools. It fits in the palm of your hand - or in your pocket - and only weighs .5 pounds.  The Nuggy comes in handy for all occasions. ​Each tool on the Nuggy locks into place when it's fully opened or closed. And each of it's tools is equipped with an easy to use lever, so handling it is simple and safe.

​When it comes to The Nuggy, quality is an understatement.  The stainless steel tools go through an annealing process to become stronger, and the plastic case is sealed through an ultrasonic welding procedure.  In other words, The Nuggy is made to last.

But we didn't stop there!  We listed to our customers and kept on innovating.

In November 2017 we proudly announced two new tools, Nuggy Dab and Nuggy Hybrid.

Nuggy ALOX Models  

These upgraded tools are lighter, heat resistant, and easier to open. They have Aluminum Oxide shells, making these Nuggys ideal Carb Caps. Click here to learn the whole story behind Nuggy ALOX. 

Here at NugTools, we believe smokers all over the world have the right to a multi tool designed to meet their specific needs. Therefore, our mission is to make the smoking experience safer, more convenient, and all around more enjoyable for everyone.

This is only the beginning of our journey.  We will keep innovating, and continue to introduce new tools to the market.  

So let us know what you want to see in a smoking tool. We'd love to hear from you! 

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