Introducing: The Nuggy Dab - The Dabber's Multi-Tool

The Best Dab Tool.

The Nuggy Dab is the best all-in-one dab tool on the market. Its heat resistant aluminum oxide shell and thin design make it both high quality and extremely comfortable to handle.

With four tools for use with every type of concentrate, the Nuggy Dab is perfect for taking with you on the go or adding style to your coffee table. You’re going to love the way the Nuggy Dab feels in your hand. It’s extremely light!

The stainless steel tools are easy to clean. There is no special solution required. Just heat the tool with a lighter and wipe it clean with paper towel. It's that simple!

Nuggy ALOX Blue in Box

So what changed?

  • We updated the original Nuggy design by reducing the spring tension in this new model.  Now, the spring-loaded tools are much easier to open. And the tools still lock securely in place to ensure a safe user experience.
  • A heat resistant ALOX shell doubles as a Carb Cap. The slightly raised ALOX bumps on the shell give the tool a great feel in your hand, and they allow for just enough air flow for you to use the heat resistant shell as a Carb Cap. 
  • The iconic NugTools logo is built into the design, so it will never wear off!
  • We added two new colors!  The Nuggy Dab is available in Blue or Pink.

 The Tools.

Nuggy Dab Tools Labeled


  • Pick - This tool comes in handy when loading up the more solid type of concentrate into a small space, like the chamber of your vaporizer.
  • Concentrate Scoop - This larger scoop replaces the original mini-spoon design.  The open shovel-like design ensures that no product will be left behind when you dab.
  • Paddle - The ideal tool for a waxier concentrate.  This tool comes in handy for scraping.
  • Dab Fork - For the pro-dabber, this tool allows you to load up some diesel dabs! 
  • Heat Resistant Aluminum Oxide Carb Cap Shell

There's nothing like the Nuggy Dab on the market. So it's time to make a move and scoop yours up!


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