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Nuggy, The Smoker's Multi-Tool

$ 33.00 $ 37.50

Nuggy, The Smoker's Multi-Tool
Nuggy, The Smoker's Multi-Tool The Nuggy - NugTools Nuggy in the box The Nuggy - NugTools The Nuggy - NugTools

$ 33.00 $ 37.50

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 Tools: Knife, Scissors, Roach Clip, Tamper, Mini-spoon, Bowl Scraper, Bottle Opener, Flathead Screwdriver, Pick/Poker, LED Flashlight (w/ batteries included).
Features: Spring-locking tools. Stainless steel construction. 8 hours of continuous battery life. Replaceable batteries. Dual position-locking Roach Clip. Glassware-safe Scraper. Gift box. Discreet Shipping/Packaging.
*Must be 18 or older to order. 

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