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NugTools customer satisfaction. Customer reviews for the Nuggy, Hybrid and Vape multi-tools.
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No product received. Never got tracking, just a hand-typed invoice PDF and no response to the multiple emails I've sent. Their support phone number doesn't even work.


I ordered 2 Nuggy Tools but never received them. After my 3rd email to the vendor, I received a response that my order would go out the next day and a tracking number would be sent to me. I never received any tracking number and no Nuggy Tool! I am disappointed with the vendor’s lack of integrity and customer service. I understand delays. Better communication with the customer (me) would have been appreciated. I am at a lost on what to do at this stage, other than just chalk it up as a loss.

Havent got it yet

Hi, we apologize that your order showed up late! We had some unexpected supply chain disruptions, but hopefully everything made it to you okay by now!

Handy tool.

I use this tool every day. Works great for a bowl and a vape.

A perfect hybrid

I own several nuggy tools and the hybrids the perfect option for someone consumeing concentrate and flower. I find the lift is my go to dab tool. But I always have the hybrid in my pocket wherever I go. A definite rebuy.

Great Tool..unmatched customer service

First of I want to thank Rob for taking care of my order after it was opened and whojacked and partially reseald by a USPS grinch. I made the dreaded contact telling the nuggsters of my missing items . The response was jaw dropping, my order was immediately reshipped and the good people at nuggy tools even threw in a couple of extras for me when I informed them that others were intended as gifts. The nuggy OG functions flawless and the only thing missing is a ashtray😁 The only thing that I could find and I looked... that is a little hard to manipulated with arthritic hands are the scissors but that's not a problem or a suprise it's just go's with the disease. The flashlight is plenty bright for navigating dark places and is the perfect height for shining over the edge of my rolling tray at night. The OG is a bargain at twice the the looks of gratitude and smiles that came across everyone I gifted a nuggy to this Christmas day. I would definitely buy it again but I don't think that's going to happen with mine because they are built like a tank and I don't see any weak points. A fine tool indeed


I absolutely love all things NUGGY!!! Product, as always, is everything that is pictured and described! Shipping is fast and packaging is 2 thumbs up. Fan for life!!!


I bought the nug tool as a part of my fiancé’s birthday. I was concerned after a few days of not seeing an update in shipping and worried I got scammed when there wasn’t tracking available. I sent an email to the provided address on the website and within hours I received a professional yet personable email of apology and the problem was fixed. I was really impressed and grateful. My fiancé loves the tool! So thank you nug tool for coming through!!

Super handy!

I was searching for a gift for a friend and stumbled across this little guy on some “10 Gifts Every Stoner Needs” list. It looked pretty cool and the price was right, so I got one for my friend and one for myself. A stoner multi tool? I’m in!
The price is decent and the form factor is very pocket friendly.
The tools themselves, as is the case with every multi tool are as good as they can be, given space constraints. The tools are good and work fine, just not super convenient when there are other options. Definitely a great piece for on the go, but if, like so many of us, you are more home based now, this device still has merit.
I have not yet provided my friend with his, but I am sure he will dig it as I do mine. I’m just ready to get out so that I can use this as more than a fidget!
One blade I do question is the scoop. It really is too small for me to get a lot of use out of it. I personally have only one piece that benefits from having a scoop, I have not yet done the work, but I would say that this piece would easily take 50 loads from that scoop if not more! I don’t know what I would suggest to put in its place, but that blade isn’t a good addition.
Great work, great product! I may even buy more!

I love my tool

This has everything you need, it's super easy and fun to use and it comes in a sweet box. I'm very happy with my Nuggy.

Second Purchase

I purchased my first one a few years ago at a local shop. This one is for my 29 year old son. He says every stoner should have one! Great multi tool for a niche market. The flashlight on it is great for seeing what you are doing at night!

I love it BUT!!!

Of course the product is absolutely awesome, the people I’ve gifted it to have fallen in love with it just like I did when I first saw the nuggy, BUT!!! I don’t like that there isn’t more color choice with the deluxe package, and that you can not order multiple at once and not choose each color, that needs to be an option. Furthermore, most of your customers are more than likely eco-friendly, sending me a product that could have easily have fit in one package rather than 3, needs to change as well.

Great Idea.

I think this is a great idea; however I would want a totally different set up of tools, the scissors are useful, I would want a pick for cleaning my grinder, a little hammer 🔨 to tap my grinder (you could have something like a ball on a telescopic arm). The pokey stick is to thin. A grinder card for solid. Also a canister for lighter fuel, ( not sure if that is possible) and a spare flint holder (for my Zippo). But really great idea.