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The Story Behind Nuggy ALOX

In 2015, we suspected that consumers needed a multi-tool for smoking. So we formed NugTools and created the Nuggy.

We were right. The Nuggy became a huge success!


Now, as NugTools grows, listening to our customers has become critical. Thankfully we received hundreds of recommendations for new product ideas. With this data, we made some changes.

    Cha Cha Changes...

    Opening The Tools

    First, we explored the spring tension challenge; eventually reducing the manual effort required to pull out each individual tool. Now it's very easy to pull out the tools. And at the same time, they still lock securely in place during use - and when closed - in order to ensure a safe user experience.

    The Logo

    Second, we knew something had to be done about the logo rubbing off. Continuing to print the logo on the surface of the Nuggy was no longer an option. The logo had to be built-in to the actual product. As a result, the shell is now embossed with the iconic NugTools "N" logo raised slightly above the surface. This logo will last a lifetime.

    The Weight

    Next, we re-engineered some of the inner workings to make the overall tool lighter and less bulky.

    The New Tools

    Nuggy Hybrid-Blue-Nuggy Vape-Pink-Alox-multi-tools-Nugtools

    We also took a deep dive into some of the concentrare tool recommendations from our community. Providing a higher quality shell was at the very top of the list, followed by a Scoop, Paddle, and Fork.

    To solve the quality challenge, we upgraded the shell to a heat resistant material called Aluminum Oxide (ALOX). It's not only a superior material, but it provides added protection against damage and corrosion.

    But we didn't stop there! We also decided the ALOX surface needed some texture, so we added tiny raised bumps. These raised bumps give the Nuggy ALOX shell an incredible feel in your hand and provide a better grip.

    New Colors

    Lastly, we added Green, Blue, Black and Pink colors as new options.

    Without further adieu...

    Click on the tool that peaks your interest:

    Nuggy Lift - Our thinnest and lightest model with five concentrate tools. 

    Nuggy Hybrid - The best of both worlds. Seven tools - Half concentrate tools, half RYO tools.


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