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Introducing The Nuggy Slim - The Best Portable All-In-One Tool for Smoking Flower

Imagine you're hanging out with some friends, sitting around the campfire. Your buddy to the right of you takes a puff, puffs again, then passes it to you. All of a sudden, you whip out the Nuggy Slim and attach the pre-roll to it's clip. 

Everyone is like, "what is that!?" Your Nuggy Slim is the talk of the sesh!  Now it's easy to pass it around in the circle. Instead of holding the paper, grip the Nuggy instead.

Here at NugTools, we're obsessed with experimentation.  Our mission is to build the best smoking tool for everyone. So when we heard our customers asking for a portable tool that fits in a pocket or purse, we got to work on the Nuggy Slim.

At minimum, we knew the Nuggy Slim had to cover rolling-your-own and cleaning a bowl. For rolling-your-own, a Splitter (or Knife) always comes in handy.  It makes it easy to slice a cigar, and even open tightly sealed packaging!  Once you have your product all rolled up in the cigar or the paper, it's time to tamper the tip so the flower is packed in tight.  You can use the end of the Clip to do this, which will prevent boating (aka an uneven burn).  Then attach the finished product to the Clip and 

When it comes to cleaning a bowl, you can use the Scraper tool to remove the residue.  This will ensure a cleaner taste.  After all, no one wants to taste ash every time they smoke! Finally, you can use the Poker to clear out any clogs in your bowl, or even fix a cigar that's burning unevenly.

The Nuggy Slim is extremely limited. Supply chains are very backed up, and we expect our inventory to sell out very quickly, so get yours today!  It might not be available tomorrow! 


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