Take a Break: A Moment with the Scissors, Tamper, and Roach Clip

Here at NugTools we love smoking joints.  So when we set out on a mission to build the ultimate multi-tool, we evaluated the entire joint smoking process in order to build a tool, feature, or design element to assist with each step.

Grind the flower.  

For most of us, a grinder is the preferred way to shred flower.  But including a quality grinder in The Nuggy would make it heavy and bulky, plus we didn't want any removable parts that will inevitably get lost.  So we looked for other solutions.

We ultimately decided to reshape the blades of a scissor to improve their ability to cut a round nug. We tested a few designs, and picked the winner, which is what you see on The Nuggy today.

Twist the joint.

This is where the skill comes in.  Without getting into too much detail, here's a few basic best practices for rolling up your joint.

  1. Spread the flower evenly across the length of the paper. Some people prefer slightly more flower at the tip of the joint than at the end they smoke.  This creates more of a cone shape. Either way works if you have a good filter. However without a filter, we prefer the cone shape to help prevent getting bud in your mouth.  
  2. Roll the paper evenly, always avoiding any bunches, creases, or unnatural folds.  These things can create an uneven burn, which is referring to as 'boating.'
  3. Lastly, roll it tight, but not tight enough that you can't pull the smoke through.  

For those of you just starting out these things might take some practice. For others this stuff is common sense.

At this point, regardless of your skill level when it comes to rolling, it's always good to pack the joint a little tighter with The Nuggy's Tamper. Or, if you happened to drop some bud on the table, pack it back in the joint with the Tamper as well.

Smoke the joint.

Finally, once the joint is tight and even, twist the end closed and get ready to light up!

But before you spark it, clip the joint on the Nuggy's Roach Clip. 

Here's why..

The Nuggy's built in Roach Clip makes passing the joint easy throughout the sesh.  And even better, this two position-locking Roach Clip automatically balances in an upright position when you set it down to take a break.

So don't just use the Clip for the roach, use it to enhance your entire smoking experience!

We designed the Nuggy to optimize your sesh from start to finish.  So what are you waiting for?  Next time you show up to the sesh, show up in style with The Nuggy!

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  • Lightbringer

    Excellent product/device…. It’s really too bad you feel you have to charge so much for it. We get that it’s ‘Really cool’… really, but $33 ??? and haven’t looked at shipping cost yet. I was expecting it to be priced a bit above the cost of a practical, conventional tool, but even then I was thinkin maybe $10 +shipping. And ‘Feeling’ like the actual value/cost is really more like $6.00.
    Such is the way of the world…I always thought…If I won the lottery, and had like $50 million,
    I’d manufacture some of the over priced cool , and useful products and devices, and sell millions of them on E-bay at actual production cost + shipping. I’d flood the market, hoping it would force producers of many products to drop their prices to where they make a reasonable, livable profit while making things available and attainable for everybody, not just the ‘ego minded’, “hey I’m cool,” rich guys and girls and so no financially challenged people will want to steal and rob somebody so they can have one too.
    :0) "Puff on My Brothers & Sisters…but ‘Puff Responsibly’.

  • Wendy Rubeck

    Looks amazing

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