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Pass with Ease: A Moment With the Roach Clip

What's your favorite spot to light up? Mine has to be an empty beach. It's perfect!  Imagine being there right now; with the ocean breeze on your skin, the soft sound of waves in your ears, and cannabis smoke slowly escaping from your lungs.  I bet you feel relaxed. But then you drop the joint in the sand.  Damn, bro.. What now? Let's face it, we all drop the roach from time to time. Sometimes it happens because of a bad pass.  Other times the roach burns your fingers and you release it. This is why every pro smoker has a Roach Clip in their arsenal.  And there's no better Roach Clip than the one on The Nuggy! The Nuggy's...

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Pack It to Go: A Moment With The Mini-Spoon & Pick

  When I smoke outdoors it's usually in one of two ways. Most of the time I roll a joint and find a nice quiet place to chill. Sometimes I grab my portable vaporizer, load it with wax, and smoke wherever I want.  Using a portable vape is definitely the best way to smoke discreetly in public.  A vape doesn't smell or burn like most other methods. It doesn't create huge clouds of smoke. And you don't need to bring a ton of equipment with you to make it work. There's just one problem. How do you load the chamber of your vaporizer without making a mess? In the past, when I brought my vape pen out in public, I...

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