Pack It to Go: A Moment With The Mini-Spoon & Pick


When I smoke outdoors it's usually in one of two ways. Most of the time I roll a joint and find a nice quiet place to chill. Sometimes I grab my portable vaporizer, load it with wax, and smoke wherever I want. 

Using a portable vape is definitely the best way to smoke discreetly in public.

 A vape doesn't smell or burn like most other methods. It doesn't create huge clouds of smoke. And you don't need to bring a ton of equipment with you to make it work.

There's just one problem. How do you load the chamber of your vaporizer without making a mess?

In the past, when I brought my vape pen out in public, I would bring a little dab tool with me in a zip lock bag. The bag kept the tool from sticking to the side of my pocket.

It didn't exactly look classy when I pulled that bag out of my pocket in the middle of a crowd. And to be honest, most of the time I forgot the bag and ended up using my keys instead. Gross, I know..

Looking back at those pre-Nuggy days, I was a huge mess.

Now that I have my Nuggy, I never have to worry about any of those awkward problems again.

The Nuggy's mini-spoon makes loading concentrates simple. It keeps my sticky tools elevated above the table when I'm at home, and away from the lining of my pocket when I'm out on the go. And thanks to the Nuggy's LED Light, I can even load my vape in the dark.

To make things even easier, The Nuggy also comes equipped with a metal Pick. I personally use the Pick to clean those hard-to-reach places in my eVape, to dab, and sometimes to load the more solid forms of concentrate.

The Nuggy has everything you need but the plant and the seed!  So what are you waiting for?  Grab yourself a Nuggy now!

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  • John Bonventre

    Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving. How do I order a Nugtool?? It really looks amazing. thanks John bonventre

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